Your Virtual Reality Shortlist

Virtual Reality is possible right now. You heard that right. For the first time in history, you can have fully immersive (running and looking around and grabbing things) VR experience at an affordable price. You’re going to need 4 things. This is your 2013 VR xmas shortlist.


1. Kinect

The first piece of your arsenal. Unless you know nothing, you know about Kinect. It’s a Microsoft peripheral that gives a machine 3D vision. There are more accurate technologies like the Leap Motion but none designed to capture full body movement like the Kinect. This is the games view of you.

2. Oculus Rift

This is your vision in-game. What makes the rift different from its predecessors is that it offers a full viewing angle and perfect responsiveness to head movement.


3. Omni

This one’s a game changer. This is the first affordable omnidirectional treadmill on the market.


It comes plug-n-play with any first person perspective game and is portable. It’s made so that your feet can only come back to the middle and not slide sideways.

4. Myo

Sooo you’re walking around a virtual world and your mind is being blown. Eventually you’re going to want to reach out and interact with it. The Myo controllers are your in-game fine motor skills. image

They are bands worn on the forearms that detect the unique electrical signals created my hand movements. This means that a game can know precisely what your hards are doing, like grasping and manipulating objects. And by ‘objects’ I mean giant swords and guns.

Happy shopping!