Handheld Linux Deck

OpenPandora is the only fully functioning mobile Linux console on the market that I’m aware of. It’s part handheld game console and part subnotebook. Full part awesome!

The latest model of the computer is called the Pyra and it’s being crowd-designed right now. No predictions on price yet. Why is this such a cool piece of gear?


This is not a tablet or a phone aka a baby/micro computer. It’s a full-blown computer. The real deal. And it’s not locked away on a flash drive like the many Android “USB computers” that have come out in the past few years. You pull it from your back pocket and you have a keyboard, touchscreen, usb ports, etc. That being said, there are a few specific features I’d really like to see in future generations:

\1. Backlit keyboard

\2. Onboard power so you can swap batteries without powering down

\3. A rear eInk screen

That last request would be insane. eInk is an underutilized technology. Check out the Yota phone as an amazing example.

The would love to see the whole project crowdfunded through something with a little more traffic like Kickstarter. Until then, it will likely continue to be a niche and hard-to-find computer.

There is only one OpenPandora on eBay right now.