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Code is not an asset. It’s a liability. The more you write, the more you’ll have to maintain later.

Soylent and The Future of Cloud Food


Soylent is awesome. It’s basically internet food. I’m calling it ‘cloud food’. If shopping, cooking, cleaning up, and going to the *bathroom are cutting into your computer time, then Soylent is for you. It contains every single thing your body needs, is cheap, and takes thirty seconds to prepare. 

People tend to moan and complain when they first hear about Soylent, but life is about priorities. Pick two:


If Soylent is cutting edge, personalized cloud food is bleeding edge. I envision a day when your ‘Soylent’ isn’t some generic nutritional substance but something completely personalized to your body’s immediate needs. Got an allergy, vitamin deficiency, unique or obscure dietary requirement? Your cloud food will be customized to those ends. With the rise of fitness trackers and the emergence of advanced biometric wearables (Apple’s new iWatch), your body’s physical needs will be communicated to the cloud in real time. This, in turn, will be the basis for your cloud food recipe which will be delivered to your house on a recurring basis. Think ‘just-in-time nutrition’.

*You still go to the bathroom, just less often.

People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

George Bernard Shaw

The Bitbay


The Pirate Bay is the most famous fire sharing brand in the world. It wasn’t always that way (remember Napster) and it wont be that way for much longer.

File sharing technology has evolved over the years and, with each iteration, has increasingly immunized it’s self from the threat of seizure and shut down. The next generation of P2P technology has just arrived in the form of a DarkMarket and Dark Wallet. The technology now exist to run a fully distributed and anonymous marketplace impervious to any attempts to shut it down.

The technology may have arrived but the next great file sharing brand has not. I think that The Bit Bay could be that brand. It springboards off the brand recognition of The Pirate Bay and yet, would be built on a surer technological foundation. I’v been speculating that Bitcoin could be a means of monetizing file sharing for some time and I still think that the first person to execute on this idea will be stacking more benjamins then Kim Dotcom.

A fews years ago, I developed a prototype demonstrating the concept. This prototype has no backend because something like DarkMarket didn’t exist yet but it does use a Java applet from that enables users to download torrent files without installing a client. All the code is inline so it could be posted to a paste bin or an anonymous static-file host.


I’m giving away this blackhat startup idea in hopes that someone with more savvy than I will run with it. Do amazing things!

I’m selling domain for a very reasonable rate and my website prototype on Gumroad for $5. Happy hacking!

Kids born today will never have to drive a car.

Dr. Henrik Christensen, Roboticist

Master of the keyboard


The keyboard is the developers palette. A keyboard, to a programmer, should be like an ax to a lumberjack. The keyboard is THE tool of the trade.

I think Atwood and Yegge are dead on in We Are Typists First, Programmers Second.

"I can’t understand why professional programmers out there allow themselves to have a career without teaching themselves to type. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s like being, I dunno, an actor without knowing how to put your clothes on. It’s showing up to the game unprepared. It’s coming to a meeting without your slides. Going to class without your homework. Swimming in the Olympics wearing a pair of Eddie Bauer Adventurer Shorts." - Steve Yegge

Pondering on that post and that quote give me resolve to get better. A lot better. To be a  master of the keyboard. I don’t merely mean typing speed either. I’m talking ‘efficiency of expression’. 

The goal is to achieve the shortest possible distance between your thoughts and their instantiation. The aim is to create and construct at the speed of thought. 

The two most impressive and inspiring things I’v seen on typing efficiency have been talks on Vim and Stenographic programming.

Note that these are not competing approaches. The stenotype (corded type) method builds directly on top on Vim.  

What good is your proficiency on the keyboard if you’re constantly going to the mouse to adjust windows? I noticed this a few years ago and was ushered into the world of window managers. 

Using a window manager is a game-changer. It was for me. My personal favorite is Moom (Mac only). I can now fully manipulate my environment without wasting time constantly fiddling with window sizes. This is why I’m a big fan of Alfred too. 

We wrote an upgrade that allows us to move past matter as our processing platform.

Superintelligent Operating Systems in Her

Handheld Linux Deck


OpenPandora is the only fully functioning mobile Linux console on the market that I’m aware of. It’s part handheld game console and part subnotebook. Full part awesome! 

The latest model of the computer is called the Pyra and it’s being crowd-designed right now. No predictions on price yet. Why is this such a cool piece of gear?


This is not a tablet or a phone aka a baby/micro computer. It’s a full-blown computer. The real deal. And it’s not locked away on a flash drive like the many Android “USB computers” that have come out in the past few years. You pull it from your back pocket and you have a keyboard, touchscreen, usb ports, etc. That being said, there are a few specific features I’d really like to see in future generations:

1. Backlit keyboard

2. Onboard power so you can swap batteries without powering down

3. A rear eInk screen

That last request would be insane. eInk is an underutilized technology. Check out the Yota phone as an amazing example. 

The would love to see the whole project crowdfunded through something with a little more traffic like Kickstarter. Until then, it will likely continue to be a niche and hard-to-find computer.

There is only one OpenPandora on eBay right now.

90% of news stories will be written by computers by 2030

Dr. Kristian Hammond, CS Professor