Upgrade Your Wallet Tech

Does your wallet still look like this? Wow. It’s time reassess your situation Mr. Costanza.

Go Lean. Get rid of anything thats not an essential. For me, this means my drivers license, some credit cards, and an insurance card. Next step is to get a lean wallet.

The Slim fold wallet is about as lean as they come but there are plenty others. Kickstarter has enabled an explosion of new ‘slim’ wallets. The Slim fold a super thin wallet stitched from Tyvek. It’s water proof and won’t rip.


Even the slimmest wallets leave room for more than the bare essentials. Thats where the upgrade comes in. We’r about to pimp your wallet!

1. Knife

I like to travel lean and so for that very reason, I do not keep a knife clipped to my belt. I frequently find my self in situations where I need a cutting instrument tho. Boom! The CardSharp 2 wallet knife.


2. Lockpick set

If you don’t know how to pick a lock, I don’t know how can call your self a hacker or a technologist, or even a man?! Shout out to 2600 Cleveland for inducting me into the craft. Pwn locks all day er day straight from the hip. This set from Force-Ten is thinner than a credit card.


3. Phone stand

You stop by somebodies house. You’re chatting it up. “Oh, did you see that new preview?!!”. Don’t be the dweeb holding his cellphone up like his arm is a TV stand. Whip out this bad boy and set up like Mr. Miyagi.