Soylent and The Future of Cloud Food

Soylent is awesome. It’s basically internet food. I’m calling it ‘cloud food’. If shopping, cooking, cleaning up, and going to the *bathroom are cutting into your computer time, then Soylent is for you. It contains every single thing your body needs, is cheap, and takes thirty seconds to prepare.

People tend to moan and complain when they first hear about Soylent, but life is about priorities. Pick two:


If Soylent is cutting edge, personalized cloud food is bleeding edge. I envision a day when your ‘Soylent’ isn’t some generic nutritional substance but something completely personalized to your body’s immediate needs. Got an allergy, vitamin deficiency, unique or obscure dietary requirement? Your cloud food will be customized to those ends. With the rise of fitness trackers and the emergence of advanced biometric wearables (Apple’s new iWatch), your body’s physical needs will be communicated to the cloud in real time. This, in turn, will be the basis for your cloud food recipe which will be delivered to your house on a recurring basis. Think ‘just-in-time nutrition’.

*You still go to the bathroom, just less often.