Crypto Bump Ring

The cryto bump ring is a smartphone/computer peripheral concept. The idea is that two people wearing the rings are able to bump fists or shake hands to create uniqly related cryprographic keys enabling private p2p communication / file transfer. Other uses could include:

- Proximity decryption ie phone and computer are only decrypted when the user is within range

- Universal / proximity passwords

- Transfer of contact information

- Shared augmneted realities. (When Google glasses usher in the first generation of augmented relaity, you could bump fists to initiate a shared user experience like private effects/avatars)


All of the necessary technology is currently available:

Accelerometer - MXC6226XC MEMS two-axis digital accelerometer. Operating voltage is 2.5. Cost: $0.35

Battery - 2007’s smallest implantable-grade medical battery from EaglePicher Medical Power.

RFID - Super tiny but nothing compared to the rfid dust that is currently being made. RFID dust will open the door for the internet-of-things where the materials, themselves used to create goods are ‘smart’ and pingable. Cost: $4.95

Computer - This mico computer only requires 1.5hrs of sunlight to recharge its battery.


Bell’s Law says a new class of smaller, cheaper computers comes along about every decade. With each new class, the volume shrinks by two orders of magnitude and the number of systems per person increases. The law has held from 1960s’ mainframes through the ’80s’ personal computers, the ’90s’ notebooks and the new millennium’s smartphones.

This vision is only a few technologist and a Kickstarter project away from reality.